Our Other Services

We provide a vast range of services for rural businesses. We carry out jobs on site if needed - anything from welding, cow shed repairs, to fixing a broken spade handle - we do it all.

Here are just some of the multitude of services we provide:

- Fix Hydraulic hoses
- Supply Caltex oils
- Welding Jobs
- Supply a Range of nuts, bolts, linkage pins, hitch pins
- Supply quality tyres and rims for farm implements
- Mower repairs and service
- Truck servicing
- Bulldozer servicing
- Digger servicing
- Horse float servicing
- Wood splitters servicing

Why work with us?

We are agents for BARE-Co products, and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services and support to the New Zealand agricultural industry. We pride ourselves on getting the job done without fuss, on time, and to budget. If you need something fixed, serviced, or custom-made, give us a call today.

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