Orchard & Horticultural Machinery

FastFeeder is a leading orchard and horticultural machinery manufacturer, with a focus on kiwifruit, vineyard, and orchard equipment.  Our products are Kiwi designed for New Zealand conditions, and we are focused on helping our customers produce profitable crops by manufacturing the right equipment that will get the job done quickly and easily.  All of our equipment is quality guaranteed, easy to operate, and can be tailor-made to fit under extra low fruit canopies, with no cane damage.

Repair & Maintenance

Fast Feed offers a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services for all your orchard and horticultural machinery.  When machines go down we understand that time is important to you, and will get you back up and running again as soon as possible.  We also offer quality regular maintenance programmes that will ensure your machinery is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  All of our repair and maintenance servicemen are qualified and are focused on getting the job done quickly and without hassle. 

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